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When your Council decides to host a meeting or webinar, ACT Staff can set up registration through the ACT website which will store attendance history for members and will capture more information than a Zoom registration form. This allows us to better track long-term member engagement across a variety of events and meetings.

For webinars, ACT National will review the proposed topic and be in touch shortly on whether it is approved. We may also make suggestions for opportunities to partner with another ACT Council or invite your Council to sponsor the proposed topic as an ACT National webinar.

Thank you for submitting your event through this form! If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Denton at

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Is this event for ACT members only? Use this section to set the access level for your event. If you choose the option where a non-member must pay to register, please include the price and whether you would like any discount codes. ACT recommends making meetings for members only.

Do you have a list of high-value prospects you'd like to invite without needing to pay? Let us know and we will set up a special code they can use to discount the full price. ACT Staff will share this code with you once it is set up and you can then distribute it to whoever you'd like. Please use this as a way to push specific prospects to join the association & your council.

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