Capital Metro Awarded 2019 ACT TDM Ecellence Award for Transit

Posted: 11/13/2019
Category: General News

Capital Metro was recently awarded the 2019 ACT TDM Excellence Award for Transit at the TDM Forum in Seattle, WA.

Capital Metro connects people, jobs and communities by providing quality transportation choices to Central Texas.  Serving nearly 3 million riders a month, Cap Metro is working to improve service and connectivity in the Austin and Central Texas region.

The agency operates regional and city bus and train service, vanpools, and paratransit services.  Cap Metro recently overhauled and expanded service through the Cap Remap program, tripling the number of routes that come every 15 minutes, 7 days a week and increasing bus stop accessibility, fostering a significant increase in ridership one year in to the program.

Project Connect will build upon the achievements of Cap Remap to provide Central Texas a modern system of reliable and efficient public transit.  Cap Metro aims to add more Park & Ride lots, express buses, mobility hubs, and neighborhood circulators throughout the region to improve mobility for all people.  New MetroRapid lines will be added that will serve the entire city, plus 2 new TransitWays will provide dedicated lanes free from traffic to better move people through downtown and connect the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  Project Connect is already improving Austin today and Cap Metro is beginning to prepare for an all-electric bus fleet of the future.

Capital Metro also works with employers in the region, offering a Traffic Bites Workshop, one-on-one trip planning with employees, and the ACT award winning Transit Adventures program designed to increase transit ridership and reduce parking demand among participants.  Launched in 2016, Transit Adventures is a free program that applies project-based learning to active commuting.  Instead of tabling or presenting, Capital Metro encourages an entire office to go to lunch and learn by riding together. This program creates positive associations with using public transit by engaging with participants with trips to cultural events, downtown attractions, outdoor recreation, and happy hour hops – weaving transit into the fabric of city living.

In the summer of 2016, Cap Metro also launched the SmartTrips 2.0 program in Central Austin with a goal of reducing single occupancy vehicle trips 5-10% and increasing the use of other options by 5-10%.  Over 12,000 households were reached in the target area with over 600 toolkits requested and 50 individual events hosted by SmartTrips and local community groups.  The impact of this program was an overall success. Cap Metro’s drive alone goal was nearly reached, but increasing active trips was successfully achieved and 73% of participants reported feeling more aware of transportation options in Austin because of the SmartTrips program.

“We’re happy to see our commitment to the customer recognized by ACT,” said Dottie Watkins, CapMetro’s Chief Customer Officer and COO. “Our focus every day is on providing an excellent transit experience for our customers, covering everything from service planning to vehicle and facility maintenance to community engagement. We serve the people of Central Texas and are grateful for their endorsement, as seen through higher ridership.”

Capital Metro has demonstrated a commitment to reducing traffic in and around Austin and is constantly working to provide people with efficient and reliable transportation.

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