Getting To Know: Christopher Holloway, Commute with Enterprise

Posted: 01/30/2020
Category: Member Spotlight

Growing up in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina highlighted the stark changes in congestion in recent years. The growth in that area has been excellent in driving economic development, but it has highlighted the true need to bring commuter solutions to more of the population. Commute with Enterprise has put Chris in the position to serve the community alongside partners at GoTriangle. The opportunity to bring a positive change to regional commuter culture is challenging yet exciting for Chris.
What brought you to TDM/how did you get involved in the field?
Since childhood I have been an outdoorsman. The ability to work towards a more sustainable culture drew me to the TDM space. Additionally, I have worked in multiple roles that required I commute more than 30 minutes each way. After learning about the opportunity to work specifically with long distance commuters I was thrilled. I love being able to provide a solution that benefits the individual, their employer, the community and the planet.
Why did you get involved in ACT?
Since joining the TDM space I have had interest in joining ACT. Now that I have a baseline of industry knowledge, it is a prime time for me to enter ACT’s community. The ability to learn from other industry innovators excites me. Attending industry wide events will help expose me to the different approaches used in different regions of the US, as well as help me keep up with new developments in TDM. Building relationships with the members of SEACT will allow for me to become involved in initiatives and discussions that span more than the state of North Carolina.
Within your work, what do you see as the future opportunities/challenges for TDM?
Vanpooling in the Triangle has a huge opportunity for growth. A big hurdle in the way of program growth is regional awareness. By creating successful partnerships with companies in our territory, we can highlight their use of vanpooling to bring a benefit to their employees and enrich the community. The biggest opportunity and challenge is to bring vanpooling to the industry leaders in the Triangle, but this will allow us to create broad visibility in the community.

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