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Meet the ImpACT! Class of 2020

Posted: 01/31/2020
Category: General News

Fifteen exceptional leaders in TDM are getting ready to join ACT and our Board of Directors in Orlando, FL this weekend for a hands-on workshop that builds teamwork, individual growth, and prepares them for leadership in their professions and ACT.
"We are thrilled to welcome our third cohort of ImpACT Leadership participants. I am impressed with the great group of participants in this year's program and look forward to facilitating their ongoing development as leaders in the industry," said David Straus, ACT Executive Director.
The continued development of strong leaders within the TDM profession is essential to achieving the goals of improving quality of life for individuals, livability of communities, and economic growth of businesses. The ImpACT! Leadership program recognizes and further develops practitioners who have shown a commitment to leadership in the TDM industry.

“I’m very much looking forward to meeting other TDM pros who want to find new and innovative ways to promote sustainable transportation!” - Claudia Pors, Arlington Transportation Partners

"I’m so excited to join this amazing ImpACT! cohort, to explore how sustainable transportation options are engaged, around the country." - Sylvia Crum, Innovate Memphis


"The ImpACT! Leadership Program will be an instrumental experience to my professional development." - David Zyck, WeDriveU


"Participating in the ImpACT! Leadership Program would be a great opportunity to develop and hone the skills needed to achieve my goal of promoting equity in transit." - Edward Howard, Transloc

"I've broadened my network and deepened connections through my involvement with ACT so far and I know that participating in ImpACT! will only accelerate that." - Brittany Barrett, Emory University

"As a newly minted manager, I will benefit from the mentorship opportunities that ImpACT! offers." - Jane Davaransky, Facebook Transportation Options


"I want to ensure that my staff receive the quality of guidance, support, and professional mentorship they deserve-- this program will help me to take a major step forward in that regard." - Johann Weber, UrbanTrans North America


"I believe it is important for all leaders to continue to cultivate their leadership skills. As the Director of the DMC I need to take my leadership skills to a new level." - Kaite Justice, Valley Regional Transit

"Leadership is not innate, it is taught, and I see the ImpACT! program as crucial to my continued growth as a TDM leader and advocate." - Kelly Hostetler, Luum


“I am honored to be attending the ImpACT! Leadership Program and learning from others in the field from across the country. I’m most interested hearing success stories/experiences strategically engaging non-TDM people in their agencies. Also, how others have created buy-in with an audience that mostly drives alone all the time and what we can do to change the norm. Thank you again ACT for the opportunity!” - Lloyd Nadal, Solano Transportation Authority

"I believe the ImpACT! Leadership program will allow me to collaborate and build relationships with others in my field, both during the program and beyond." - Madeline Feig, Luum


"Looking forward to having a chance to be an active member of ACT and to collaborate on making a difference." - Marie-France Laurin, Netlift

"After completing the ImpACT! Leadership program, I will return with increased confidence and ability to perform beyond expectations in both my campus and my community." - Megan Gribble, Old Dominion University


"I look forward to using the skills learned during ImpACT! to expand my role and participation within ACT." - Melissa Foley, Commute with Enterprise


"I attended the ACT Conference in NYC last August. There, I took away an overall belief that investing in public transportation makes for happier and more productive citizens by removing the stress of navigating traffic. I look forward to furthering my leadership and TDM knowledge at ImpACT!" - Tammy Quinn, Capital Metro

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