Executive Spotlight: Maurice Brewster, Mosaic Global Transportation

Posted: 10/22/2020
Category: Member Spotlight

Mosaic Global Transportation is an international provider of ground transportation services including but not limited to meeting & group transportation, employee shuttle services, and ground transportation. Our value proposition is, “We offer a "one stop shop" option for transportation services anywhere in the world”. 

What are you and your organization seeking to achieve?

Our main goal is to deliver safe & reliable transportation on every trip, every time. Our motto is “We drive the amazing experience that connects and mobilizes our clientele”.

How did you get to where you are today?

Dreaming big dreams, setting reasonable, effective, and efficient goals by placing a strong emphasis on building relationships that lead to growing our business. We accomplish those tasks, by building our network through related associations like ACT.

How have you seen the TDM industry change?

The Bay Area has led the country in Transportation Demand Management. More companies are subscribing to commuter options due to the COVID – 19 pandemic and the fear of taking public transportation due to safe distancing. I see this aspect forcing the hands of corporate America to subscribe to safer options for their employees.

Where do you see the industry going in the next 10 years?

As noted above, I see this aspect expanding exponentially. The pandemic has changed the attitudes of the commuter and how she/he travels.

What brought you to ACT? What has been the most memorable part of your involvement in ACT?

I’m relatively new to this side of the transportation business, as well as ACT. However, I see this as an important association to be involved with.

What keeps you motivated?

I am truly motivated by living my God inspired dream, of being an Entrepreneur in the industry of transportation. We have grown our business exponentially and even with our economy being at a standstill, I see a bright future in 2021 and beyond. God brought us to this, and he will take us through this, with an unwavering embrace of faith.

What has been the most fulfilling moment in your career?

In my career, I have had two fulfilling moments. First, being married to the best woman on this earth Rhonda, my partner, my best friend, and the President & COO of the company. Second, being invited to The White House, to meet with President Barack Obama to talk about the plight of Small Businesses when large corporations intentionally pay slow. The result of that session resulted in the top 25 major corporations enacting The Fast Pay Program. (Payment in 15 days)

What is a great piece of advice you have received? Have you put it to use?

One of the greatest pieces of advice we have received is to move decisions from the heart to the financials of our business. Decisions need to be heavily weighted objectively.

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