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Getting to Know: Courtney Goldberg, TransAction Associates

Posted: 12/22/2020
Category: Member Spotlight

TransAction Associates is a full-service transportation consulting company located in Woburn, MA. They provide low-cost, high-impact employee benefits to the employees of their clients in a Commuter Services capacity.

Courtney manages Commuter Services programs for three of TransAction Associates’ Fortune 500 corporate clients by promoting alternative commuting options and facilitating the use of the private shuttles that we operate for them. She also helps to keep her clients in compliance with the Massachusetts Rideshare Regulation.

What brought you to TDM/how did you get involved in the field?

I came to TDM “by accident”. I am a communications professional by trade and I got my start in TDM by managing the communications for three TMAs north of Boston. I was not aware of the industry prior to this role, but the mission appealed to me and “stuck” not long after starting in this role.

Why did you get involved in ACT? What has been the most memorable moment of your experience in ACT?

Since I have been in the TDM industry for many years now, I am very familiar with ACT and its mission. TransAction extended their subscription to ACT and made me a member this year. I am thrilled to be getting more involved!

Within your work, what do you see as the future opportunities/challenges for TDM?

For better or worse, the pandemic has changed the way people commute to work. While we don’t know quite yet what the full impact will be, we do know that this changed landscape is here to stay. I see the future of TDM as one that allows for more flexibility and more innovation while continuing to push for more transportation equity for all.

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