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Executive Spotlight: Pamela Clark

Posted: 03/25/2021
Category: Member Spotlight

Clark Concepts is your partner in creativity for graphic design, website development, public outreach, branding, and strategic/digital communications. We are a full-service, women-owned marketing communications agency offering a wide range of creative services to the greater Washington, DC area with extensive experience supporting marketing communications for public transportation and TDM projects around DC, Maryland, Virginia, and on the West Coast. For more than 23 years, we have been exceeding our clients’ expectations where it pertains to responsiveness, technical experience, quality of work, and providing measurable results.

What are you and your organization seeking to achieve?

Our mission is to leverage our creativity to develop innovative, quality designs and strategic messaging that engages the community and exceeds client expectations. We aim to provide a personal touch in all of our projects, keeping the client involved along the way with timely and responsive customer service.

How did you get to where you are today?

It’s taken years, and a few lucky breaks, to get to where we are today. I’ve attributed our accomplishments to our passion for the success of transportation and TDM projects and initiatives, being dedicated to doing a great job for our clients, and by forming strong partnerships with companies that offer complementary services. We really value our strategic partnerships and the ability to reach higher and think bigger, together.

How have you seen the TDM industry change?

Though we’ve supported transit projects for some time, I’m relatively new to TDM but certainly learning the industry. Generally speaking, it’s grown over the years with the development of these new forms of sustainable transportation like electric mopeds and scooters, dockless bikes, and rideshare options like Uber and Lyft. But the TDM industry quickly adapts and embraces these new modes by discussing and formalizing policies around safety, infrastructure, operations, and more. More young people are also getting involved in TDM, especially as environmental advocates. The biggest change, of course, has been over the past year! Due to the pandemic, there’s been a huge spike in biking and telework and a drop in public transit use so I’m curious to see how the TDM industry continues to adapt.

Where do you see the industry going in the next 10 years?

Since the pandemic, it’s been interesting to see the impact and corresponding benefits of fewer cars on the road and people teleworking throughout the country right now. One aspect of normalcy no one wants to see return is traffic congestion. Over the next 10 years, the industry has an opportunity to  leverage this eye-opening “bike boom” and active transportation use to promote biking and walking using longer term behavioral change tactics combined with strategic TDM planning.

What brought you to ACT? What has been the most memorable part of your involvement in ACT?

Through our relationships with other TDM professionals, we learned about the conferences, programs, and opportunities to connect with other members locally. I, along with a few others from my company, joined to expand our horizons in the TDM community and to network with others in the region. So far, the most memorable part of our involvement in ACT is being recognized and awarded for our client work two years in a row! Hopefully, this year we will earn our third!

What keeps you motivated?

Every project is a new and different challenge. Identifying problems and working out solutions as well as seeing positive results and happy clients are great motivators.

What has been the most fulfilling moment in your career?

Seeing our work “out there” in the community is very fulfilling. Whether it’s a campaign, transportation branding, or other creative communications effort, seeing it “in-action” is always cool.

What is a great piece of advice you have received? Have you put it to use?

Over the years I have received great advice from numerous mentors and clients; I like to think I put all of these to use as well as relate them to my staff. Some of the best advice I ever received was, “Always do what you say you’re going to do.”

Any additional thoughts to share?

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story! I’m excited to get more involved in ACT and see where my membership experience goes from here!

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