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Gas Prices Surge, So Should TDM

Posted: 03/08/2022
Category: Public Policy

Gas prices are rising at their fastest pace in history, climbing to over $4.10 per gallon for most of the country and over $5.00 per gallon in California. Many economists are predicting gas prices will continue to increase at a rapid clip due to Russia’s contemptible invasion of Ukraine.

Many news outlets have been highlighting methods for people to save money on gas by searching for cheaper gas stations (leading to increased VMT), driving slower, or joining a rewards program to name a few. Yet most are ignoring the most effective ways of reducing gas costs – shifting from driving to a more efficient mode of transportation or eliminating trips all together. This is where we must insert ourselves.

Transportation Demand Management programs across the country can play a vital role in delivering cost-saving solutions to their communities through the provision of a wide range of TDM strategies. The timing could not be more urgent as many large companies have announced their plans to start returning employees to their work sites over the coming weeks. As an industry, we must be ready for this new challenge that will only be exacerbated by the ongoing impacts of the pandemic on commuting behavior. 

In response to this evolving issue, ACT will host a virtual discussion on March 18 at 2:00pm (eastern) to bring members together to share ideas on how we can best as programs and as an industry. Stay tuned for registration information.

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