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TDM Week Open Letter from Executive Director, David Straus

Posted: 09/19/2022
Category: General News

Welcome to TDM Week, an opportunity for our industry to recognize, promote, and celebrate the many personal and societal benefits delivered by Transportation Demand Management (TDM).  

TDM is the use of strategies to inform and encourage travelers to maximize the efficiency of our transportation systems leading to improved mobility, reduced congestion, and lower mobile source emissions.  

With vehicle congestion clogging our cities, slowing economic activity, and damaging our environment, we can no longer continue our decades long approach of trying to build ourselves out of traffic. It is time for fresh approaches that aim to maximize the investments we have already made in our infrastructure, while providing real options to all people.  Now is the time for communities large and small, urban and rural; along with public and private sectors to embrace TDM.

TDM aims to provide all people with real transportation choices that enable them to travel from their location to a destination in an affordable, efficient, and sustainable way.  TDM strategies range from planning, programs, and policies, to marketing, communications, incentives, and pricing, as well as data and technology.

TDM is more than just the advancement of a single mode of transportation, it’s an ideal.  It’s about building the type of community we want and doing so through a lens of transportation and mobility.  TDM is about providing people with real options that enable them to make better choices in how they travel.  TDM, when fully supported, can improve the quality of life of all people through the provision of reliable and affordable transportation options.  By embracing TDM we will achieve cleaner air leading to direct improvements in public health and help address climate change. 

To be successful, TDM requires action within and collaboration between the public and private sectors. This includes policy setting and program guidance at the federal level and planning and implementation at the state and local level.  This includes strong private sector leadership committed to achieving broader community goals and supporting the development of innovative new solutions.  Each entity brings unique tools and strategies to the table, which work together to deliver positive change. 

To all of ACT’s 1,400+ members and other individuals dedicated to advancing TDM, whether you serve as an employee transportation coordinator for your company, conduct commuter outreach for a city program, manage a fleet of commuter buses, run a transportation management association, create new innovative solutions, develop marketing strategies, or play another important role within our industry, I want to say thank you for the important work you do.  To promote TDM Week within your own organization, check out all the resources we have available at and be sure to use #TDMWeek in your social media.

To our partners in Congress, United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration and other federal agencies, we thank you for the support you continue to provide to TDM.  This includes the Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit program, which is one of the most impactful tools in the TDM toolbox, which has enabled tens of millions of Americans to shift to public transit and vanpooling.  We look forward to continuing to work with you to deploy TDM strategies within the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act and recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, which will improve transportation options and further reduce mobile source emissions.

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