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Flexibility = Success During the Hybrid Commuter Era

Posted: 09/29/2022
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Authored by Danny Drees, Proposal Writer & Content Creator, TripShot


Changing Commuting Norms

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Professionals everywhere are adjusting to changing schedules and new commuting norms. Flexible technology solutions can meet these needs by consolidating the management of all transportation modes on campus. But how does a TDM professional determine the right service mix?


What Type of System are You Managing?

Are you planning TDM for an entire city? Is your system campus-based? Does your campus sprawl for miles or is it considerably dense? These are important questions to consider when meeting the challenges of hybrid schedules and deciding which features are most important to your community.


Features for Maximum Flexibility

  • Fixed route reservations

TDM professionals can change how they handle fleet capacity by providing complete operational awareness with more ridership data. This detailed origin and destination data can shape route design and build new efficiencies into transit networks. This results in more satisfied riders, improved capacity management and more confidence in fleet capacity. 

  • On demand and microtransit

Planners can run on demand or microtransit alongside fixed route or by itself, serving riders throughout the day or night and meeting the unique needs of the individual or small groups of riders. On demand is key to flexible mobility and maximizing the coverage potential of any fleet. Commuters expect all the convenience and familiar benefits of a rideshare app, many technology solutions bring that convenience to them within your transportation ecosystem. 

  • Providing extremely accurate ETAs

People commuting to company, higher education and other campuses want a predictable and enjoyable experience. TDM professionals need a solution with the best ETA accuracy, providing up-to-the-second, GPS-based location data to managers, drivers, and riders.

  • Parking

Parking can complement other campus transportation options in several ways. Technology solutions that manage both transit and parking can allow commuters to easily understand their transportation options such as how many parking spots are available on campus. If driving to campus, users can denote when they have arrived and departed a parking spot, automatically updating availability for admins and other commuters. If a driver needs to reserve parking, they can easily reserve a parking space before their trip and confirm the reservation by user check-in, check-out and GPS snapshot. 


Managing Transit Alongside Parking

TDM professionals can reap many benefits from either starting to collect parking data or consolidating the collection of parking data alongside transit data. Managing and collecting data for your parking operations alongside your other transportation operations can uncover new opportunities to encourage people to ditch SOVs and take shared shuttles instead. This will help to increase productivity, lower climate impact, and lower parking management costs. It will allow admins to analyze real data and then make data-driven decisions about rightsizing parking facilities, incentivizing transit use, and planning a more walkable campus or community. 


Looking Towards the Future

It is clear that hybrid work is the new normal for the foreseeable future. Although this has been a monumental change, campus commitments to climate action goals and serious campus space constraints remain the same. TDM leaders need solutions that incentivize shared transportation in a hybrid work environment and automatically equip them with reliable data to determine their campus’s exact transportation needs.

The future of TDM requires that we accept the changing trends of commuters and meet the challenges of hybrid schedules, new commute patterns, new commuter demands and more. The shifts we have all experienced over the last few years have presented an opportunity for TDM professionals to embrace technology and experiment with new and more efficient ways to serve commuters.

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