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What We Know About The Biden-Harris Transportation Plan
Public Policy

The Association for Commuter Transportation congratulates former Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their election as the next President and...


What is Transportation Demand Management?
General News

When it comes to solving modern day infrastructure problems, all too frequently the common solution is to “make it bigger”. Too much traffic? Add a lane. Increased parking demand? Build a...


What a Blue Senate Means for Transportation & Infrastructure
Public Policy

With Democrats winning both of Georgia’s Senate seats Wednesday, the Senate’s control will shift to Democrats under the 50-50 split, with...


We Stand With You
General News

I want to let our members and the broader TDM community know that ACT stand’s in support of equality and justice for all. As an industry, we look to...


Veronica Jarvis Awarded the Emerging Leader Award by ACT
General News

Veronica Jarvis, Associate Planner CTR/TDM at Thurston Regional Planning Council, was awarded the President’s Emerging Leader Award at the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) National Awards Ceremony during the 35th Annual International Conference on August 4, 2021 at Walt Disney World Resorts.


Vanpooling: Affordable, Convenient and Sustainable
General News

Corporate Partner Contributor: Commute with Enterprise


Vanpool Succeeds Through the Pandemic

Evidence shows the resiliency of vanpooling as a commute option.


USDOT Staff Appointments
Public Policy

In addition to the confirmation of Secretary Buttigieg, the Biden Administration has appointed dozens of individuals within positions of leadership at US DOT. These individuals will...


US House Introduces INVEST in America Act
Public Policy

Yesterday, the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure released the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America Act. The INVEST in America Act, enables the...


Updates on Telework Double Taxation
Public Policy

A few months ago, ACT published a piece on double taxation on teleworkers in certain states with convenience rules—where a worker is...

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