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Innovative TDM Initiatives in Denver

Thursday, June 18, 2020

This month's webinar will provide attendees with an overview of the innovative TDM work being done in the city of Denver. Like many cities, Denver has been dealing with significant growth; its population increased nearly 20% since 2010. While the growth has brought many benefits, it has also brought many challenges. Housing prices are increasing, neighborhood demographics are changing, congestion is increasing, and the region was recently designated as being in severe non-attainment for air quality. The city, the regional transit agency, businesses, and non-profits are turning to TDM to help accommodate growth, meet environmental goals, and improve equity. Their collective work has helped the city balance growth and has provided resources to help the community respond to impacts associated with Covid-19. The webinar will include:
  1. An overview of the Regional Transportation District’s first and last mile study. This is one of the first FLM studies in the country to explicitly consider how TDM strategies cn be used to improve station access.
  2. Information on how Transportation Solutions, a Denver TMA, is working to create mobility hubs, educate travelers about their travel options, and help businesses respond to Covid-19.
  3. An overview of how Northeast Transportation Connections (NETC) is using TDM strategies to increase mobility options for disadvantaged communities being impacted by the expansion of I-70 and Covid-19. Their work is an excellent example of how TDM strategies can be used to address equity issues.
  4. Information on the city of Denver’s new TDM program that requires new developments to implement TDM strategies to reduce vehicle trips. The presentation will include information on how the city program adjusts based on surrounding land use, access to transit, and building tenant mix to be one of the most advanced TDM regulations in the country.
Stuart Anderson, Transportation Solutions
Lacey Champion, Northeast Transportation Connections
Paul DesRocher, AICP, Regional Transportation District
Matthew Kaufman, AICP, UrbanTrans North America
Zachary Wallace Mendez, City and County of Denver

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