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Ready to be a part of TDM history?

The 2021 exam schedule will be announced in the near future. To sit for the exam, you will need to “create a new login” and complete an application which is hosted on the Candidate Management System via our certification partner SMT.

The brief application requires you to demonstrate that you meet requisite education and TDM work experience. You will be required to upload a letter of support from your supervisor or professional colleague and an updated resume. For more information on the application requirements, please review the Candidate Handbook.
Assuming you meet the qualifications and successfully upload your documents, you will receive an instant approval and then asked to complete payment prior to scheduling your exam (major credit cards are accepted). Once you are approved and have paid, you will receive a series of emails from our exam provider SMT/IQT. Check your spam filters as these emails do not come from ACT. One key email will include instructions on scheduling your exam either in-person or remotely.
To help you along your journey to TDM-CP, here are some FAQs to help guide you:
  • Am I eligible? Tenure, training and experience requisites can be found in the Candidate Handbook. This document contains a plethora of information and answers to many of your specific questions. This is a living document and key additions will be made over time so be sure you have the latest version by checking the date stamp on your downloaded copy versus the one uploaded here.
  • Where and when will I take the test? The first round of exams has concluded and the 2021 exam schedule will be announced soon. You will schedule a date and time in that window based on SMT’s availabilities as well as your own. To best serve our membership, you can take the test remotely or at over 250 test-taking centers across the United States, Puerto Rico and US Territories. You can find more on the remote/in-home test taking option below.
  • How much does it cost? For ACT members, there is an $80 application fee and a $495 exam fee. More pricing details are found in the handbook.
  • What does the exam cover? If you are interested in this certification, then you already know TDM covers a broad spectrum of skillsets. A comprehensive jobs analysis of the industry has guided the development of the exam’s four key domains. Review the Candidate Handbook to better understand the exam domains and reference materials and you can review an exam content outline here.
  • Is it good for…forever? Your TDM-CP credential will expire after two years.  To keep your credential, TDM-CP recipients must earn the required number of points detailed within the recertification section in the Candidate’s Handbook to maintain their credential for an additional two years.   
  • I want to take the exam from a remote location-- like my home office -- what should I expect? Taking the exam during a pandemic has created some unique challenges that vary for all of us. That is why we have elected to offer in-home testing as an option. This will require specific conditions and commitments from the test taker including:You will need strong and reliable internet, a well-functioning computer with camera and audio capabilities. Make sure all computer updates, virus scans, and other automatic computer processes are turned off prior to the exam. Where possible set up as close to your internet router as possible to prevent internet connectivity issues.
    • You will need to be in a private, well-lit, tidy, and distraction free room that is void of phones, kids, pets, study materials, etc. No food, beverages, or other unapproved materials are permitted on your testing station.
    • Upon the day of your exam, you will login prior to your scheduled exam (up to one-hour prior) and work with a “readiness agent” to establish technology and security protocols are in place. You will want to have your ID, confirmation code and surname ready. Before you login, be sure to use the restroom and prevent any other potential interruptions for the next three hours.
    • You will need to be able to turn your computer’s camera around the room to prove to the readiness agent that your room is in fact ready. Plan ahead if your computer is connected to monitors/wires/etc. If your technology is determined to not be ready, you will be able to reschedule the exam.
    • Once you are determined ready, you will be assigned a Live Proctor who will monitor you throughout the entire exam and ensure proper behavior.
    • You will then start your exam and will have 180 minutes to complete it.
    • Should an unavoidable interruption occur such as children entering the room, loss of internet or other accidental circumstances, the Live Proctor will pause the exam. They will require a security agent to review the instance prior to continuing the exam. This will ensure no advantages are obtained from the interruption. Continued interruptions will result in the exam ending.
    • The online exam system will lock down access to other parts of your computer and you will not have access to other applications during the exam.
    • If you like to get a feel for the online exam application and layout you can test drive it here (not a practice exam) so you are more comfortable the day of.
  • What about _______? If you are seriously considering taking the exam, we know you may have a few more questions. Email us at info@actweb.org.

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