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ACT members are encouraged to promote ACT membership to colleagues, clients, and business partners. Recruiting new organizations and self-employed TDM professionals benefits the Association as well as individual members in different ways. Not only does it increase the diversity and expertise of the TDM world in ACT, individuals, chapters, and charities benefit.

Individuals win award pins based on the number of new members they bring into ACT as they recruit five, ten, fifteen, and more. Each year, members can earn Champion Recruiter of the Year – the winner who recruits the most from one International Conference to the next wins a special pin. And as part of ACT for Good, chapters whose members recruit the most new organizational/self-employed members recruited during a specified time period earn cash to donate to a charitable organization of their choice. It’s a win-win-win! 

Whether it's networking, event participation, policy information, or professional development, you know the value of your ACT membership, so who better to share the benefits than you? There are hundreds of organizations doing TDM work that are not familiar with ACT, possibly even some you currently work with. These could be MPOs, city/state DOTs, transit agencies, consultants, higher education institutions, TMAs, or service providers. Think about your top three reasons for being a member, then share them with prospective members.

Recruitment Resources:

Current Member Organizations


Champion Recruiter of the Year

Gain personal recognition by recruiting the most new organizational/self-employed members to win the ACT Member Recruiter of the Year pin!
Congratulations to Andy Keeton, TDM-CP, of Commutifi for winning the Champion Recruiter pin in 2022!
• Members recruited between August 1, 2022 and July 28, 2023
• Prize pin awarded at the 37th Annual International Conference in Seattle, WA, August 2023

Lifetime Recruitment Pins

Gain recognition for the number of new organizations and self-employed members you have individually recruited throughout the lifetime of your membership! Lifetime Recruitment pins will be awarded at the Annual International Conference each year.
Congratulations to Jessica Alba, TDM-CP, and Andy Keeton, TDM-CP, for achieving Lifetime Recruitment pins, awarded during the 36th Annual International Conference in Chicago!
Achievement Levels:
• 5 new members
• 10 new members
• 15 new members
• 20 new members
• 25+ new members

ACT for Good: A Better Journey for Everyone

Every new member organization you recruit could help a charitable transportation organization!

The ACT for Good campaign recognizes the chapter whose members recruit the most new members during a specified time period with up to $2,500 to donate to a charitable transportation organization of their choice, This could be your local bike/ped advocacy organization, senior services group, or other 501c3 organization.

The goal is to add 30 new organizations and self-employed individuals between May and July 29, 2022.

ACT for Good Guidelines:

  • Only counts new organizations and self-employed individuals who join between May 1 and July 29, 2022.
  • The chapter will receive credit for every new organization or self-employed member recruited by individuals from their chapter.
  • Members can recruit from anywhere, not just in their chapter.
  • New organizations and self-employed individual TDM professionals only! Introducing new organizations to the benefits of ACT membership will increase the outreach of the association.
  • New members need to mention who recruited them by name on the application form so recruiters get the credit.

Congratulations to the Cascade and Midwest Chapters for tying for the most new member organizations/self-employed during the 2021 campaign! Leaders from the two chapters jointly received a check at the 35th Annual International Conference in Orlando in 2021.

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