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When you refer your colleagues, clients, and customers to ACT, it not only brings us joy, it adds value to your membership, and provides benefits to them.  Its a win-win-win!  We know it can be difficult to promote and recruit members. Maybe you can’t find the right words to describe all that you get from your membership or you just don’t have the time to craft an email from scratch. That’s why we want to make the process as smooth and easy as possible by providing you with sample messaging and an email template. Feel free to personalize them to make them sound authentic.



@Association for Commuter Transportation has really made a huge difference in my TDM career. Since joining, I have made so many worthwhile connections and learned so much about other parts of TDM through ACT’s conferences and events. ACT has become an irreplaceable resource for me and my company. If you’re interested, I’d love to talk further about joining and ACT events - message me!

Ever since I joined ACT, I’ve met some of the greatest people and learned so much about the TDM industry. I would tell anyone in the TDM industry that joining ACT is one of the best things you can do for your career. ACT will give you the face time, knowledge, and career tools that you need to bring your career to the next level. @Association for Commuter Transportation

Are you a TDM professional thinking about becoming an ACT member? Do you want to learn more? Feel free to DM me. I’ve been a member for (INSERT NUMBER OF YEARS) years and would love to talk about my experience. @Association for Commuter Transportation



Are you a #TDM professional or interested in TDM? I’d urge you to consider joining @actnational Whether you’re a student looking for opportunity or a professional looking for like-minded individuals ACT has something for everyone. DM me or visit

Are you looking for a community of #TDM professionals? Look no further than @actnational I love this community and have been a part of it for (NUMBER) years. DM me to learn about my experience or visit

#TDM professionals have always looked to @actnational for policy guidance, networking, knowledge sharing and much more. I’m a member and I think you should be too! DM me for details or visit




I’m reaching out because I think you would be a great fit for the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT). Our company has been a member for (INSERT YEARS) years and I have found the events, peer network, and knowledge gather aspects of the organization to be indispensable for our growth. I think you and your company would be a great addition to ACT and I think you would also benefit from the network!

ACT was created to be the leading TDM advocacy organization to help TDM professionals push policy, share knowledge, and make connections. I know a lot of organizations say this but I truly believe that ACT has created a close, active and welcoming community like no other.

ACT members come from a variety of backgrounds like the public sector, private sector, or even education. However, it goes deeper than that; we have software experts, non-profits, research institutes, small businesses, large businesses, consultants and many more. There is a space for everyone. 

ACT has been at the forefront of TDM since its inception in 1986. In that time, ACT has gone to the capital many times to advocate for TDM policy and we have come together as individuals to make sure that we were moving forward together.

You can learn more about the benefits to becoming a member here.

Additionally, if you want to subscribe to their monthly newsletter you can do so here. This newsletter will give you insight into upcoming chapter and council events and important TDM/ ACT news.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to answer any questions. I’d also be happy to introduce you to Elizabeth Denton, ACT’s Membership Experience Manager


Thank you so much,



Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find a list of current members? 

You can find a list of current members in the membership directory or in the recruitment resources section on the Member Recruitment Campaign page.


What is the cost of ACT membership? 

There are 4 types of ACT membership: 

  • Organizational- $575 (includes 2 individuals) Organizational members have the opportunity to add on additional individuals to their membership at reduced rates, starting at $275 each for the 3rd and 4th person and then $225 for each additional individual. 
  • Self-Employed- $375 
  • Student- $40 
  • Retiree- $40 


What does 'self-employed membership' mean? 

This is a membership tier for anyone who is the sole proprietor of their business. If you have employees, you are not eligible for self-employed membership. 


I'm a student - what do I get out of ACT membership? 

As a student member of ACT you received all the benefits of membership.  You gain access to TDM knowledge, education, and professional development opportunities, as well as internship opportunities and research opportunities. You will be able to network with TDM professionals across North America and around the world. ACT members represent the full diversity of the TDM field enabling you to explore the many possibilities of TDM through differing population sizes, geographic areas and much more.  


What are the benefits of a membership? 

The benefits are many but the top benefits to ACT membership are: 

  • Belonging to a community of TDM professionals 
  • Access to educational and professional development opportunities led by subject matter experts 
  • Staying up to date on TDM best practices, trends, and policies  
  • Discounted member rates for conferences, summits, forums, and TDM-CP exam. 

Read about more benefits here.


What time is the best time to join ACT? 

Anytime! Membership renews on a rolling basis and there are always great events on the horizon year-round.  The sooner you join, the sooner you start to benefit! 


Who should join ACT? 

Anyone whose work involves or relates to commuter transportation! Employers who provide transit benefits, higher education institutions that manage parking and commuter programs, transit agencies, consultants, TMAs and TMOs, MPOs, city, state, and local governments, organizations of all sizes, and more.  


My friend’s company is a part of ACT but they are not. Can they still join?

Yes! Organizational memberships come with 2 individual memberships but an organization can also add on as many employees as they would like.  


Do we get anything for referring members? 

Yes! ACT recognizes members during the International Conference each time they recruit 5 new members (5, 10, 15, etc.)!  Members receive a pin for each level they achieve allowing them to be recognized by others during our events.  The member that recruits the most new members during the year will also receive ACT’s Champion Recruiter Pin as part of our annual Win the Pin campaign.

In addition, recruiting new members helps your chapter win the “ACT for Good” contest, which recognizes the chapter whose members recruit the most new organizational/self-employed members during a specified time period with the ability to make a significant charitable donation to a transportation charity of the chapters choosing.   


Who do we point prospective members to if they have questions? 

If there are other membership questions direct them to Elizabeth Denton, our Membership Experience Manager email: Office line: 202-792-5801 x 104 


How do we keep track of who referred the new members? 

New members can write in the name of the individual who referred them on their membership application when they join. Current members can fill out this form to report who they have recruited.  

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