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Performance Standards Issues

Performance based polices mark an important turning point in our nation’s transportation policy it represents both opportunity and danger for ACT and its members. ACT urges all of its members to become familiar with the importance of this process and understand the impact it will have on future funding decisions. TDM projects rank incredibly high in many performance metrics and measures. However, the process of determining what gets counted and how will have a long lasting impact which will determine how years of Federal (and local) funding will be spent. This process will serve as the cornerstone of decisions for the forseeable future and as such, we cannot overstate the importance of this process to all ACT members.


MAP-21 introduces performance measures and outcome based planning. Specifically, MAP-21 establishes a process by which state and local governments will measure the effectiveness of proposed projects as a part of their planning process. The first step in that process is identifying what to measure and how. Over the last several years, ACT and other organizations have been working with the Federal Highway Administration on the development of appropriate metrics. 

MAP-21 Require the Development of Metrics for the following Areas:

  • Safety Performance Measures
  • Pavement and Bridge Performance Measures
  • Performance of the NHS, Freight, and CMAQ Measures


Proposed Rules:


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