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MaaS Up America! Mobility as a Service Implementation Review and Operation - May 2017

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Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) represents a new concept of integrating various forms of transportation services (public transit, ridesharing, carsharing, bicycling, and walking) into a single system accessible on demand, matching the user with the most efficient and affordable option for their desired trip and encouraging the user to take action to adopt these options.
During the first portion of the webinar attendees will receive a brief introduction to MaaS, and look at the evolution and requirements to set up a successful MaaS ecosystem; from the perspective of both the user and service provider. Participants will learn about the partnerships, field, and market requirements for a successful MaaS application.
The second half of the webinar will present the conceptual aspects of MaaS&T (Tool) which integrates users, services providers and system managers in a triple-win situation so that both personal mobility and urban traffic congestion are improved in a synergistic and progressive manner. Attendees will learn about a unique approach to MaaS&T development that is supported by the approach of Mobility Options Discovery and Engagement and Total Capacity.

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