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Switching Gears: Making Your Bike to Work Campaigns Virtual

When: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 2:00pm EST
Your bike to work week or month is quickly approaching, but your participants are now working from home indefinitely. What do you do? In this webinar, Bikes Make Life Better will cover how to virtually engage your participants during this unique time. Through their three phases of bike engagement, they’ll cover potential educational modules, campaigns, challenges, incentives and other strategies for getting and keeping folks engaged and building a better community.

Additionally, you’ll hear from Sacramento Area Council of Governments and their plan to host a completely virtual May is Bike Month campaign that celebrates the positive force that bicycling brings to people’s lives. The campaign will focus less on car trip reduction messages, and more on how bicycling is a great way to enjoy the spring weather, get some exercise, and feel mentally refreshed. SACOG will share how they and their partners plan to use social media and online tools to bring inspiration and motivation that will encourage people to get out safely for solo rides and engage them with new challenges, prizes, e-badges, theme weeks, and virtual events.
Anna Walters, Bike Consultant and Events & Communications Manager, Bikes Make Life Better
Anna has been a Bike Consultant and Events & Communications Manager with Bikes Make Life Better for the past four years. The focus of her work is to develop bike culture and communities within large and fast-growing companies. She has designed and implemented bike-friendly business plans for LinkedIn, Stanford University, Stanford Research Park, The Walton Family Foundation and Walmart. She has expertise in research, analysis and writing about bike trends and best practices, particularly in the corporate space. Prior to joining Bikes Make Life Better, Anna was the Transportation Specialist at Google, planning and managing their comprehensive alternative transportation program, including one of the best bike programs in the country. Anna lives in San Francisco, carfree, using her bike and public transit to travel throughout the Bay Area. Anna knows first-hand what it takes to get employees out of their cars and onto bikes.
Sabrina Bradbury, Senior Analyst, Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Sabrina Bradbury manages the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments and has over 10 years of experience encouraging travel behavior change. She led the update of the TDM Strategic Plan to move the program toward a focus on performance measurement and innovation. Under her leadership, the TDM Team launched new TDM grant programs that fund innovative and cost-effective ways to reduce car trips in the Sacramento region. She also manages the Regional Bike Share project, coordinating the work of the project partners to ensure the system is a reliable and equitable transportation option.


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