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Most have heard the term “blockchain” but very few of us understand what it means and how it may impact or benefit the work that we do.  This webinar will present how blockchain technology may revolutionize transportation and dramatically change the transportation industry. Specifically, it will describe how blockchain works and identity the revolutionary implications of this technology.  Presenters will discuss the current limitations of the technology and the technical, economic, and social challenges that need to be overcome to realize the full potential of the technology. Participants will hear about potential application of blockchain to the transportation sector focusing on the transformation of our relationship to personal transportation and ownership of transportation assets. The webinar will provide an overview of where we are today and what are some of the major ongoing blockchain initiatives in the transportation sector and where to go to find more information.
Ian Todreas, Vice President, ERG, Inc.
Dr. Victoria Adams, CEO and Founder, CadwynBloc


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