ACT National Work Plan

Each year, ACT’s Board adopts an Annual Work Plan designed to advance the organization towards the successful implementation of the 5-Year Strategic Plan. Despite the unexpected challenges the pandemic has brought over the past two years, our goals for 2022 remain ambitious:


Be the premier organization for TDM professionals

  • Grow ACT to 1600 members
  • Retain 95% of existing ACT member organizations
  • Achieve member satisfaction rating of 90%
  • Increase reputation as organization that values a diverse and inclusive membership
  • Strengthen ACT’s financial security

Develop highly valued programs and services for all members

  • Build an active online membership community
  • Expand the use of certifications & accreditation programs
  • Develop new programming for targeted member segments
  • Strengthen existing programs to ensure value to members

Host the industry’s best events

  • Host successful International Conference
  • Host successful TDM Forum
  • Provide online learning that advances ACT's value proposition and goals
  • Host successful Future of Commuting Summit
  • Increase sponsorship to 35% of revenues

Create strong communities of TDM professionals

  • Adopt new structure for local entities
  • Members report 90% satisfaction with their chapter
  • Members report 90% satisfaction with council participation
  • Ensure committees are high functioning and advancing their purpose

Be the leading voice for TDM

  • Increase presence of TDM within federal policy and funding
  • Increase use of TDM at state/local levels
  • Create a regular flow of new content promoting TDM
  • Increase member and stakeholder interactions with ACT content
  • Strengthen the purpose of the Center for TDM