Vanpool Council

Council Leadership

Chair: Michelle Althoff, Commute with Enterprise

Vice-Chair: Erika Heinz, METRO STAR Vanpool

Secretary: (currently vacant - please reach out if you are interested and want to learn more!)

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The Vanpool Council of the Association for Commuter Transportation addresses and shares information related to vanpools, vanpool programs, public-private partnerships for delivery of vanpool services, contracting, program management, customer services, and promotional issues, among other topics.

The council has four workgroups that help address specific issues and concerns of the council members: 

What is "Vanpool"?

Vanpool is “a transit mode comprised of vans, small buses and other vehicles operating as a ride sharing arrangement, providing transportation to a group of individuals traveling directly between their homes and a regular destination within the same geographical area. The vehicles shall have a minimum seating capacity of seven persons, including the driver.”

Why Should You Join ACT's Vanpool Council?

Thinking about starting a vanpool program? Want to know more about tax-free vanpool benefits? Do you know how a vanpool program would affect your bottom line? Are you aware of the public policy activities facing vanpools? ACT’s Vanpool Council provides you access to other industry professionals and resources. Please contact one of the Vanpool Council leadership members.

Vanpool Report - NEW!

In 2020, vanpools had the highest retention of any transportation mode, according to the NTD National Transit Summaries and Trends for 2020 Report. The Vanpool Council members reviewed and consolidated key insights from the NTD report to create their analysis, "Vanpool Resiliency in the Face of the Global Pandemic: An NTD Report Analysis." Their report highlights the value of vanpooling and it's resiliency during the pandemic. Download the report for more details.


Meetings & Events

Vanpool Council Annual Meeting at the International Conference in Chicago, Monday, August 1, 10:30am-12:00pm CT.

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