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Tuesday, November 10th - All Times in Eastern Standard (EST)

  11:30 - 11:45am

Networking Meetup!
Grab a cup of coffee and network with other attendees LIVE in attendance.

  11:45 - 12:00pm
Welcome Address
  12:00 - 12:40pm


TDM Talks
Three, ten-minute thought provoking TED Talk-style presentations.

The Commuter Commitment
Joseph Sherlock, Senior Behavioral Researcher, Center for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University

In partnership with The City of Austin, The Center for Advanced Hindsight ran a pilot study testing a Commuter Commitment Intervention. This involved asking city employees to specifying and commit to a future action to help them achieve positive behavioral change. The ideas and results will be discussed. https://advanced-hindsight.com/case-study/commuter-commitment/


Impact of New Technologies on Transportation
Richard Colley, Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Arrival
Technologies such as electrification, automation and new vehicle designs can positively impact all modes of transportations by increasing safety, efficiency and providing a better environment for riders and drivers

How to Communicate So That People (Commuters) Want to Listen
Steve Wheeler, Managing Partner, OneCommute.com
How do we create more powerful messages……so people will listen to me?  What is it that someone wants to listen to me? Avoid the seven deadly sins of communication.  Takeaway some powerful communications for commuters you can use.

  12:45 - 12:55pm
Break / Networking
  12:55 - 2:30pm


COVID's Impacts on Commuting: An Interactive Charrette
Organized by the Center for TDM

The global pandemic has touched nearly every aspect of daily life.  Commuting patterns have been upended as millions of people began working from home.  As work sites began to re-open, health and safety concerns have pushed commuters to single occupancy vehicles.  Without concerted efforts by communities, employers, and other stakeholders to develop and deploy TDM strategies, there is a real concern that a permanent shift to driving alone could impact mode splits for years to come. 


This three-part, interactive charrette, in partnership with the Center for TDM, will bring together TDM professionals from across the nation to identify and develop solutions and strategies for ensuring an efficient and sustainable return to the work site through the implementation of TDM.  The Center for TDM will compile all information gathered during the charrette activities into a final report post event.


Part 1: Panel Session: A spotlight on Atlanta

To set the stage, the charrette will focus on COVID’s impacts on the Atlanta region.  Panelists representing a mix of public agencies and private sector leaders will discuss what is happening in Atlanta.  How has the region been adjusting?  How is the information influencing decision making about their return to work site?  What are the behavioral, economic, and social challenges they anticipate having to overcome?


Moderator: Allison Simmons, Partner, NorthEase Consulting Group, President, Center for TDM

Rosalind Tucker, Managing Director, Mobility Services Group & Georgia Commute Options, Atlanta Regional Commission

Mike Carnathan, Manager of Research & Analytics Division, Atlanta Regional Commission
Scott Kemp, Community Transportation Service Lead, Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Brittany Barrett, Assistant Director of Transportation, Emory University/Clifton Corridor TMA


Part 2: Group Discussions: How Atlanta and TDM programs nationally should respond to COVID
Participants will be sent into discussion tables to reflect on what they heard from the Atlanta panel and share their own experiences and challenges in addressing COVID’s impacts on commuting in their community.

Part 3: Virtual Brainstorm
All attendees will join a fun, engaging, and fast moving brainstorm session via ACT’s FunRetro board to answer key questions about how TDM strategies and programs can play an important role in shaping responses to COVID’s impacts on commuting behavior.

  2:30 - 3:00pm
Open Discussion Groups
  3:05 - 3:45pm

Insights on Emerging Markets and Opportunities for TDM
Transportation and mobility continues to be a focus of urban innovation as communities look to create a seamless and efficient network of transportation services.  With this growth and new attention from private investors the TDM market place has expanded beyond its traditional focus area into new markets including commercial real estate, employers, and ex-urban areas.

This panel session will bring together thought leaders to identify emerging market segments, the increasing importance of the individual commuter, and opportunities for developing the next wave of transportation services. It will also cover what growing mobility companies should be aware of when seeking funding from investors.


Moderator: Rob Henry
, Executive Director, GVF

Matt Caywood, TransitScreen

Courtney Menjivar, Wells + Associates
Danielle J. Harris, Elemental Excelerator

  3:45 - 4:00pm
Break / Networking
  4:00 - 5:00pm
40 Under 40 Awards Ceremony

Sponsored by: Hallcon


  5:15 - 6:00pm

Closing Reception
Sponsored by: Beeline Mobility

We're closing out the day with a laugh from comedian Ryan Niemiller!

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