ACT's Climate Sponsor

Agile Mile LogoACT is proud to announce Agile Mile as the 2024 ACT Climate Sponsor for the International Conference and the TDM Forum. Agile Mile's sponsorship will offset carbon emissions associated with these in-person events.

Here's What We're Doing

When ACT members gather for an in-person event, we produce carbon emissions from activities like heating and cooling rooms, food, and other services.  To offset these event-related carbon emissions, ACT and Agile Mile are purchasing verified carbon offsets designed to "offset" the emissions.

How Does it Work?

Carbon offsetting allows us to balance out the climate impact from ACT events by funding carbon reduction projects across the globe.

Join Us!

While ACT and Agile Mile are making the events carbon neutral, you can help out by making your travel carbon neutral.  When you register for an ACT event, look for a new "Become a Climate Champion" option in your registration.  When you select this option, ACT will offset your travel emissions and you'll be recognized at the event with a special "Climate Champion" ribbon. 

We hope you'll join us as we work together to reduce our carbon emissions.  Together, we can tackle climate change!