Join the call for immediate decarbonization action at the state and national levels

The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) has released a statement calling for immediate action from Congress, USDOT, and states, to prioritize the use of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) to decarbonize our nation’s transportation system . The country is currently is heading towards a climate crisis and utilizing TDM offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution. 

We invite all organizations aligned with our goal of reducing carbon emissions and providing our communities with sustainable and efficient transportation systems for all people to join us in this call. We encourage you to review the full statement below and complete the form to sign on. Together, we can combat climate change and improve the mobility of our communities and country.

To sign on to this statement, please complete the form below. Once completed, your organization's logo and information will be displayed publicly. Prior to completing this form, please be sure that all necessary parties have reviewed the full decarbonization statement

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