Future of Commuting Summit Summary Report

August 2022

The Future of Commuting Summit Summary Report is available. Take a look to review the Summit and gain insights into table discussions you may have missed.

Opportunities for TDM in the Infrastructure Investmen and Jobs Act

December 2021

To help our members understand the opportuniteis in the legislation, ACT has developed this resource which highlights a short list of programs that ACT has identified as top opportunities for states, local governments, and TDM programs to target in their efforts to create efficient, multimodal transportation systems that benefit all people, reduce congestion, and improve air quality while providing a better journey for everyone.

Teleworking on Short Notice

April 2020

ACT's Telework Council worked quickly at the beginning of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in 2020 to provide key recommendations for organizaiton to put in place quick-response telework programs along with tips to support employees not accostumed to teleworking. The suggestions in this report remain valid for any organization suddenly faced with a need to work remotely.