Volunteer for ACT!

Excited to be a member of ACT, and looking to get engaged? ACT is a volunteer-run association, which means members have many exciting opportunities to get engaged and guide the association through the future. Volunteering your skills, talents, and time not only makes the association stronger, it also helps you gain new experiences.

Volunteer Opportunities
Here are some of the many volunteer opportunities available to ACT members: 
  • Work on a task force or working group on short-term projects
  • Lead an educational workshop at the International Conference
  • Present at an in-person event or on a webinar
  • Write for Connections, ACT's monthly newsletter
  • Lead your chapter or council
  • Support the Board of Directors by working on one of ACT's committees
  • Run for the Board of Directors
Volunteer Resources

ACT's volunteer leaders have access to resources that help them manage the ongoing management of chapters, councils, and Communities of Practice. If you are interested in being a volunteer leader, you are welcome to review these resources yourself. 

Volunteer Leaders Resources