2017 40 Under 40 Awards

This outstanding group of TDM professionals promises a bright future for the industry. These individuals work to create real solutions for their communities across the country.
“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the cities and companies that are solving problems for commuters with a lens toward sustainability. The ACT has connected me with some incredible community leaders that have opened doors for ReachNow as we continue to expand and given me the confidence that providing transportation options that create cleaner air while reducing congestion is well within reach.” - Peter Dempster
“Every day is filled with highs (forming a carpool) and lows (seeing a driver nearly run a bike off the road) that deliver the inspiration I need to keep moving towards a multi-modal world. What started as training for a 200-mile bike ride has grown into a career and lifestyle full of passion.” - Peter Williamson
“It is critical to have a vision for advanced transportation technologies. We must collaboratively lay the policy and legal foundations needed to ensure new technologies not only operate safely on our public roads, but also enhance transportation options and connectivity for all citizens.” - Greg Rodriguez
“I am very honored to be recognized as a 40 Under 40 Award recipient by ACT. With all the innovation and change happening now in the transportation industry, it is an exciting time to work alongside this group of passionate, dedicated professionals.” - Sarah Wilgus
“I’m honored to be a member of ACT’s 40 Under 40 selection and to be recognized as an ambitious leader in an already forward-thinking association and industry. ACT has contributed to my professional development through Leadership Academy, committee participation and through conference attendance. I look forward to continuing to grow with ACT and within the TDM industry.” - Maggie Awad
"Thank you to ACT and my colleagues for helping elevate TDM in Central Ohio. Together, we help craft a region filled with healthy and smart mobility options." - Dan Sheehan

2017 40 Under 40 Recipients

Abbey Stumpf, North Natomas TMA
Abby Bleything, University of Vermont
Alix Scarborough, Movability Austin
Bobby Fultz, Enterprise Rideshare
Caitlin Cerame, West Florida Regional Planning Commission
Cara Politi, MetroPool
Carlos Robles, AECOM
Colin Peppard, LA MTA
Dan Sheehan, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Emily Haar, UrbanTrans North America
Erika Benti, Colorado State University
Geoff England, Steer Davies Gleave
Gregory Rodriguez, Best Best & Krieger
Hannah Mullin, Alta Planning & Design
Jane Wilberding, Sam Schwartz Consulting
Jeff Bennett, 128 Business Council
Jonathan Bolhoefer, DS&MG
Kiki Dohman, Cherriots Trip Choice
Laura Heilman, Commuter Services of PA/AECOM Salesforce
Lauren Bennett, Salesforce
Lauren Masias, Denver South TMA
Maggie Awad, DS&MG
Mary Daly, Seaport TMA
Mary Sell, Triangle J Council of Governments
Michael Alba, LinkedIn
Nick Donohue, Virginia Department of Transportation
Nicole Le, Tripshot
Peter Dempster, ReachNow
Phillip Kobernick, Alameda County
Ramond Robins, Anne Arundel County DOT
Rebecca Higgins, US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee
Ricki Hall, Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham
Robert Sadow, Scoop
Sarah Wilgus, JLL - VMware
Stacy Newcomer, Commuter Services of PA/AECOM
Syreeta Gross, LiveGreen Solutions, LLC
Tim Ericson, Zagster
Tim Waldrop, Amazon
Zanna Worzella, ICF