ImpACT! Leadership

The ImpACT! Leadership program makes ACT members more holistic leaders in TDM.

As a broad industry that encompasses public and private sector organizations, higher education, NGOs, service providers, and consultants; and brings together individuals involved in planning, marketing & communications, business development, public policy, program management, project development, technology, sustainability, and numerous other backgrounds, it is imperative that a successful leader in TDM understands all that goes into the field. 

By the end of the 10-month program, participants will be well equipped to be leaders in their personal and professional lives, as well as well-rounded leaders in TDM.


Program Details & Expectations

ImpACT! Leadership is a 10-month program that includes virtual meetings and features a three-day, in-person seminar. The seminar provides an opportunity for participants to meet each other and build bonds in and out of the classroom, network with ACT's Board of Directors, and dive-in to learning. Upon completion of the seminar, the program transitions to monthly virtual industry roundtables, where ImpACT participants will hear from TDM leaders and engage in group discussions.

During the in-person seminar, ImpACT! participants select a group project intended to strengthen their understanding of TDM, advance ACT, and benefit the broader membership. The culmination of the 10 months is a virtual meeting where groups publicly present the results of their projects.

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