TDM Week 2024

TDM Week will be September 16-20, 2024.

TDM Week is an opportunity to create awareness among decision-makers and key TDM stakeholders about the importance of including a range of safe and reliable modes of transportation for all users in the transportation planning process. This week is a time to share the importance of enacting programs that reduce the carbon footprint of transportation in our communities. To get involved, take a TDM Week pledge and commit to spreading awareness of the many positive benefits TDM has on the sustainability of our communities and the quality of life of all people. Information about pledges will be collected both before and after TDM Week.

View the pre-TDM Week pledge

All pre-TDM week pledges should be submitted by Friday, August 30
All post-TDM week pledge details should be submitted by Friday, September 27. 


The intended audience for TDM Week is decision-makers and key TDM stakeholders. Whether you’re connecting with local elected officials, conducting outreach about a proclamation, or other related activity, all actions should target this audience rather than the general public. 

Spreading awareness about TDM to individuals in our greater communities is a year-round mission, but this week is an opportunity to prioritize a more specific and impactful focus.


The theme of this year’s TDM Week is Carbon Reduction, and we encourage you to think about how this topic best fits within your community as you prepare. Plans should aim to promote TDM solutions as a carbon reduction strategy and inform decision-makers and key stakeholders, the target audience, of its many benefits. 

Focus areas/sub-themes to consider include:

  • State DOT Climate Reduction Plans
  • TDM must be a part of decarbonization
  • Congestion
  • Corporate sustainability/ESG Scope 3 Category 7
  • Efficiency 

TDM Week resources 

ACT Chapter and council resources 

All ACT Councils and Chapters are asked to take action for TDM Week. ACT national has prepared guidance for each to help foster discussion and proactive planning. Please be sure to review the resources below and gear up for an exciting TDM Week!

Planning resources: 

Questions about TDM Week should be directed to Allison Caravella at

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