Board of Directors

2023-2024 Officers

  • David McMaster, TDM-CP
    David McMaster, TDM-CP
    TDM-CP President Transportation DM, LLC
  • Rosalind Tucker, TDM-CP
    Rosalind Tucker, TDM-CP
    TDM-CP Managing Director, Mobility Services + Georgia Commute Options Atlanta Regional Commission
    Vice President
  • Jessica Alba, TDM-CP
    Jessica Alba, TDM-CP
    Director of Policy & TDM Stanford University
  • Thom Cerny, TDM-CP
    Thom Cerny, TDM-CP
    AICP, TDM-CP Transportation Demand Management/Climate Resilience Practice Lead Toole Design
  • Connie McGee
    Connie McGee
    Group Commute Manager Commute with Enterprise
    Immediate Past President

2024-2025 At-Large Directors

  • John Andoh III
    John Andoh III
    CCTM, CPM Transit General Manager Redding Area Bus Authority
  • Jane Bowman Brady
    Jane Bowman Brady
    MPA Executive Director GO ITHACA
  • Danielle Glaser
    Global Transportation Program Manager LinkedIn
  • Andy Keeton, TDM-CP
    Andy Keeton, TDM-CP
    TDM-CP VP Global Strategy Commutifi
  • Frank Mongioi Jr.
    Frank Mongioi Jr.
    Vice President, Sustainable Mobility ICF
  • Lisa Kay Schweyer
    Lisa Kay Schweyer
    MPM & TDM-CP Project Manager & Senior Transportation Planner Foursquare ITP

2023-2024 At-Large Directors

  • Raymond Bernheim
    Raymond Bernheim
    Director of Implementation & Training TripShot
  • Aaron Fodge
    Aaron Fodge
    Director of Transportation Planning and Fleet Colorado State University
  • Brendon Harrington
    Brendon Harrington
    Senior Director, Transportation Google
  • Matt Meservy, PE, TDM-CP
    Matt Meservy, PE, TDM-CP
    Director, Long Range Planning Division Tennessee Department of Transportation
  • Kristin Slaton
    Kristin Slaton
    TDM Practice Lead AECOM
  • Veronica Jarvis, TDM-CP
    Veronica Jarvis, TDM-CP
    TDM-CP Senior Planner CTR/TDM Thurston Regional Planning Council