Greetings, and welcome to the Midwest Chapter!

Hello, my name is Kevin Chau and I am President of the Midwest Chapter. Welcome to what we affectionately call the "MidBEST" Chapter!

I work closely with the rest of the Chapter Leadership team to create professional development and educational opportunities for TDM professionals in the Midwest. Our Chapter is comprised of 100+ members and growing spanning across 12 US States and 1 Canadian Province of Ontario. While the geography is vast, we pride ourselves in creating a collaborative and supportive environment for peer-to-peer discussion and idea exchanges.

A few examples of our past achievements include winning ACT Chapter of the Year in 2022 and hosting webinar in Fall of 2023 on TDM in the Midwest: Best Practices, Policy and Programs.

We are excited to host another Midwest TDM Webinar and work together to promote TDM Week in September!

I hope you join us and get involved!

Kevin Chau, 
Midwest Chapter President

Meetings & Events

Chapter Q2 Members Meeting
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
1:00 -2:00pm CT
Chapter Members Meeting - In Person!
Monday, August 5, 2024
5:00-6:00pm MT
In-person at the 38th Annual International Conference in Denver, CO, August 4 - 7, 2024.


Join the conversation on Connect!  Bring your TDM insights & questions, share your events, and more at https://connect.actweb.org/organization/chapter-midwest/dashboard


Programs & Services

The Chapter is pleased to offer scholarships to events throughout the year. Watch for more information.

Click the images below to access the Midwest Chapter Resources on Connect

Midwest Chapter Leaders

  • Kevin Chau
    Kevin Chau
    Sales Director Commute with Enterprise
  • Christopher Bongorno
    Christopher Bongorno
    TDM-CP Owner/Principal Bongorno Consulting LLC
    Vice President
  • Noah Fox
    Noah Fox
    Corporate Rental Manager Commute with Enterprise
  • Susan Heinrich
    Susan Heinrich
    Director ICF
  • Michelle Leonard
    Michelle Leonard
    Outreach and Programs Manager Commuter Services
    Communications Chair
  • Amanda Meyer
    Amanda Meyer
    Assistant Director & Mobility Manager Central Indiana Regional Transit Authority
    Marketing Chair
  • Zia Brucaya
    Zia Brucaya
    RoundTrip TDM Program Manager Greater Madison MPO
    Membership Chair