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Complementary Transit

Complementary Transit

How Private Orgs, Universities and Public Agencies Can Work Together

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

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This webinar is designed for transportation professionals interested in exploring the shared values of corporate, university and public transportation. We will take a close look at how private transportation providers are using public transit integrations to show private and public transit side by side as options for riders. 

Instead of the continued isolation between public and private transit, a collaborative spirit is needed to advance the commuter transportation industry. Our panel will consider questions like "Why would you want your riders to use public transit vs. your system? Why would you want public transit offered to your riders side-by-side to your system, such as possibly surfacing in your system’s rider app?" We hope to encourage attendees to think about how private and public transit can work together in the future.

One key area of discussion will be how private transit opens the door to shared transportation. By integrating with public transit, private transit providers can introduce SOV commuters to shared transportation options and create a more comprehensive transportation system benefiting both riders and providers alike.

The webinar panel will feature three industry experts, one from corporate, a university and a transportation management association. These experts will share their insights and experiences supporting private and public transit. This will be an excellent opportunity for commuter transportation professionals to learn from industry leaders and explore new possibilities for creating a more efficient and effective transportation system for commuters.


  • Melody Lin, Transportation Specialist, Genentech 
  • Jeff Bennett, Director of Shuttle Operations, 128 Business Council 
  • Clinton Bench, Director of Fleet & Transit, University of California Los Angeles

Moderator: Rob Antoniak, Chief Customer Officer, TripShot

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Webinar sponsored by: TripShot

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Casey Murphy
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