2022 TDM Excellence Awards: Transportation Provider - WeDriveU

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The winner of the inaugural TDM Excellence award in the Transportation Provider category is WeDriveU, Inc. This category aims to recognize organizations and service providers who are out there deploying the vehicles, bikes, buses, and vans to move millions of commuters every day across the country.  Many of these services tend to be privately operated systems that expand the reach of public transportation, helping make the use of sustainable transportation options accessible and affordable and increase the efficiency of our transportation systems.  In many ways these services are central to the success of a region’s or employer’s TDM strategy.

WeDriveU is a leader in transportation solutions, specializing in corporate, university, hospital and return to office/campus shuttles and managed services. WeDriveU operates the Shuttle division of National Express North America, part of global mobility provider National Express Group serving 800 million annual bus and rail passenger journeys in 11 countries.

Through the combination of WeDriveU and National Express, the company provides:

  • 6,000 shuttle and transit vehicles in operation
  • They serve 800 million passengers a year
  • Their services reduce 500 million car trips annually

WeDriveU’s services go beyond transit and shuttle operations as they look to assist their clients with a broad array of TDM services that enhance the client’s efforts to reduce drive alone trips along with the passengers’ experience. WeDriveU has been a committed supporter of the industry through its corporate support as a long-time sponsor of ACT events and more importantly through their support of employee involvement in ACT, along with other programs including Best Workplaces for Commuters, and dozens of TMAs and programs across the country. 

Within ACT, WeDriveU staff (Joanna Rustin) spearheaded efforts to launch the Commuter Shuttle/Private Operators Council, which received Board approval in early 2021 and hosted the EV/AV Showcase as part of the 2021 International Conference, bringing in many of WeDriveU’s partners to introduce opportunities for transition fleets to clean fleets.

WeDriveU enthusiastically looks for opportunities to share its experiences and lessons learned and collaborate with other organizations.

With roughly 10% of WeDriveU’s shuttle fleet comprised of electric vehicles and their EV2030 commitment to transitioning to zero emission vehicles, they share what they’ve learned about sustainable commuter transportation. ‚Äč

ACT and the entire industry are lucky to have organizations like WeDriveU involved and committed to being active partners.  It is with great pleasure that I ask you to join me in congratulating WeDriveU for receiving the 2022 TDM Excellence Award for Transportation Provider.