2024-2025 Board spotlight: Andy Keeton, TDM-CP

Member Spotlights,

Andy Keeton, TDM-CP is the VP, Global Strategy at Commutifi. Meet Andy and learn more about him in this January spotlight! 

From data analysis to product strategy, insights, and even podcast hosting, Andy Keeton has worked hands-on with various aspects of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) throughout his time in the industry. He now serves as VP, Global Strategy at Commutifi and has spent six years working in the field. 

Though he is passionate about TDM and advancing sustainable mobility options, Andy first launched his career in the bioengineering field. He soon became involved with biofuel research, and it was through this exploration of sustainable energy that he found a passion for behavioral science and influencing consumer behavior. 

"I think TDM has the biggest potential of any strategy to help us limit the impacts of climate change and save the planet," says Andy. "Reducing car reliance is one of the stickiest problems we face because it's not just a technology problem; it's a behavior problem. That makes every day and every interaction unique. How fun is that?"

Upon moving to Montreal three years ago, Andy was able to give up his car. He is grateful for the new freedom that this change has afforded him and hopes to help others experience the same.

Since joining ACT in 2020, Andy has played an active role in many aspects of the association's community. In addition to serving as an At-Large Director, he is involved with the Public Policy Committee, Events Oversight Committee, and TDM Week planning group. He is also a recipient of the association's Champion Recruiter Award and 2022 Emerging Leader Award.

During his time in the organization, he has enjoyed spending time with industry friends during and around ACT conferences. These experiences as an ACT member have fueled his commitment to giving back and making a difference within the organization. 

"I truly see ACT as the premier organization and leading advocate for TDM, and seeking election to ACT's board was my way of helping drive that mission forward," says Andy. "I think ACT is uniquely positioned to grow TDM both in the United States and globally, and I want to help in that as much as possible. I also personally love thinking strategically and working to execute bold plans!"

Outside of work, Andy is a Denver sports enthusiast and especially enjoys supporting the Nuggets. He also enjoys taking long walks and watching classic movies.

As a returning At-Large Director, Andy looks forward to supporting the organization's growing influence in the public policy space and the expansion of TDM Week. He also hopes to explore the formation of an International ACT chapter. Please join us as we welcome Andy to ACT’s 2024-2025 Board of Directors!