Policy Alert: Contact Your State DOT to Support TDM in Carbon Reduction Strategy

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The Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) is one of many new initiatives created through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) also known as the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA), which provides historic levels of funding for our nation’s transportation and infrastructure systems. ACT has identified the CRP as a source of funding to support the implementation of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies across the country. View ACT's CRP Quick Guide.

The CRP provides $6.4 billion in formula funding over 5 years to states to reduce transportation emissions through the development of state carbon reduction strategies and by funding projects designed to reduce transportation emissions.

As part of the program, each state must develop a
Carbon Reduction Strategy (due November 2023). The plan should:
  • Identify projects and strategies to support the reduction of transportation emissions.
  • Include projects and strategies for safe, reliable, and cost-effective options to reduce traffic congestion by facilitating the use of alternatives to SOV trips, including public transportation facilities, bike/ped facilities, and shared or pooled vehicle trips; or facilitate the use of vehicles or modes of travel that result in lower transportation emissions per person-mile traveled as compared to existing vehicles and modes.

Eligible Activities in Support of TDM include:
  • Projects or strategies to support congestion pricing, shifting transportation demand to nonpeak hours, or other modes, increasing vehicle occupancy rates, or reducing demand for roads, and travel demand strategies and programs
  • Public transportation projects including capital for the construction of BRT corridors or dedicated bus lanes
  • Transportation Alternatives projects (bike/ped facilities, safe routes to schools)

Step 1: Find your State DOT

If you don't know who your Secretary/Commissioner/Director of Transportation is for your state's Department of Transportation or similar entity, search for your state DOT.

Step 2: Utilize ACT's Template to Write Your Letter

A letter to your DOT leadership can be very effective at increasing awareness of the opportunity to incorporate TDM into their Carbon Reduction Strategy. A group of ACT members have gone through the effort to develop this linked template letter for your use. Be sure to update the content (marked in red) with your organization's information.

Step 3: Send Your Letter

If sending your letter via email, we encourage you to also send a hard copy of your letter to your state DOT.

Step 4: Share a Copy with ACT

To help ACT in our continued advocacy and outreach activities related to the CRP, please send a copy of your letter to us at info@actweb.org so we can keep record of our cumulative efforts.