Recognizing Indigenous Peoples' Day

All Aboard,

Written by ACT's DE&I Committee

This year, we recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, October 9. This date provides a valuable opportunity to celebrate Native American cultures and communities and promote reflection, recognition, and continued education. ACT joins hundreds of other organizations and governments across the country in honoring its significance.

In 2021, President Joe Biden released the first presidential proclamation recognizing the day, and many states, such as Maine and New Mexico have chosen to celebrate at the state level. Indigenous Peoples’ Day provides a platform to learn about issues facing Indigenous communities, attend an educational event in your city, and engage in other constructive ways, but it is imperative to continue uplifting historically marginalized voices year-round. 

ACT’s DE&I Committee uplifts days and months of observance throughout the year to celebrate all people and their unique stories and histories. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a chance to recognize the historical legacy of Native American cultures and provide a platform for continued learning. As an association of professionals with diverse identities, honoring these observances is essential. Each of us plays a role in creating a more informed, conscious, and just future, and the association will continue to promote learning as a collective membership.

Learn more about Indigenous Peoples’ Day below: