A successful Transportation Career Fair

General News,

This Tuesday,  ACT hosted the Transportation Career Fair, a virtual recruiting event aimed at connecting job seekers with employers from around the country. With a fantastic list of participating organizations and strong job seeker attendance, this fair was a fantastic professional development opportunity.

Participating employers

Thank you to the following organizations for showcasing open roles: 

  • The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) 
  • Alta Planning + Design
  • Boston University 
  • Chatham Area Transit 
  • Caltrans 
  • Foursquare ITP 
  • Houston-Galveston Area Council 
  • Illinois Department of Transportation 
  • King County Metro
  • Metro Transit 
  • New Hampshire Department of Transportation 
  • OneCommute
  • RideAmigos
  • County of Riverside, CA 
  • RRP Consulting Engineers, LLC 
  • RydeTrans
  • Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • US Department of Transportation
  • WeDriveU

Professional development opportunities

In addition to recruiting opportunities with employers, the fair also included three educational panels. Attendees were able to join sessions focused on "Welcome to TDM," Information Session: Consultant Jobs," and "Information Session: Higher Education Transportation Jobs."

In the consultant jobs information session, job seekers joined Gary Hsueh, TDM-CP to learn about his experience, advice, and characteristics of successful candidates for consultant jobs. 

Attendees then joined Dave Sorrell, TDM-CP and Aysha Cohen to hear about roles in higher education. This session explored TDM on campus, key considerations in the role, and how it allows you engage with your greater community. 

These opportunities provided valuable information about career paths in transportation and an opportunity for job seekers to ask insightful questions.

Missed the Transportation Career Fair?

One of the many benefits of ACT membership is professional development opportunities. If you missed out on the Transportation Career Fair, don't fret! There are other opportunities throughout the year, including events, webinars, networking, and more, that you can take advantage of as a member.

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