General News,
Over the past two weekends, and after feedback from ACT and other transportation groups and transit agencies, that their initial guidance recommending all commuters drive alone to work was not practical, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued updated guidance for employers to support employees commuting to work.

The new CDC guidelines now includes guidance for using public transit, “rideshare”, and micromobility modes like shared bikes, scooters. Recommendations are also included for people with transportation-related jobs like various transit operators, delivery drivers, passenger-for-hire drivers, and long-haul truck drivers.

We appreciate the CDC's recognition of options other than driving alone and are pleased to see these new additions to recommended safety as employees return to their worksites across the country.  This new guidance is a step in the right direction but is still not ideal.  ACT encourages all service providers, employers, and commuters to invest in appropriate measures and focus on communication to ensure that transit, shuttles, carpooling, vanpooling, biking, and walking are safe and reliable. ACT will continue to advocate for support of these vital options.

ACT’s recent report, Supporting Commuters Returning to Worksites During COVID-19, provides recommended practices for managing different commute modes while continuing to support the health and safety of commuters during the coronavirus pandemic. These recommendations include simple actions like limiting occupancy in vehicles, reserving seats, shifting work hours, being flexible, and most importantly cleaning that transportation providers, employers, and commuters can utilize to the safe use of carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, private shuttles, and telecommuting.

This publication is publicly available and sharing this resource is fully encouraged by ACT.