Check Out New TDM-CP Recipients

General News,

We are proud to announce the most recent recipients of the Transportation Demand Management Certified Professional (TDM-CP) credential. These individuals have proven their proficiency and broad knowledge by passing a rigorous exam on TDM industry standards, regulations, and best practices and have thus earned exclusive authorization to use the registered TDM-CP trademark.


2022 Winter Exam TD-CP Recipients


Christine Acosta, TDM-CP

Tanner Barr, TDM-CP

Lainey Benson, TDM-CP

Veronica Jarvis, TDM-CP

Shane Rhodes, TDM-CP

Lynn Rumbaugh, TDM-CP

Alexander Temkin, TDM-CP

The Board of Trustees is thrilled to see the continued excitement around earning the TDM-CP designation," said Heather Salem, Chair of the Certification Board of Trustees. "We are so proud that this group of TDM industry leaders has taken the next step in their career development." 

“It’s an honor to recognize this group of TDM professionals,” said ACT Executive Director, David Straus. “This cohort of ironclad TDM leaders, joins an exceptional group of individuals that have earned the credential over the past two years.” You can view the full list of TDM-CP recipients on ACT's website.

Registration is currently open for the Summer Exam Window, July 31 - September 17, 2022. To start your application for the exam, visit

The TDM-CP credential program recognizes and ensures highly qualified individuals are available to meet the diverse needs of commuters, communities, and employers. For more information, visit: