FAQs for ACT's New Website

General News,

Welcome to ACT’s new website! We are excited about the new design and the improved user experience. With this site, you have more control over your profile and membership.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs.

  1. Reset your password. Yes, you remember your password, hooray! But this new website is powered by a completely different software than the previous website. This means you need a completely different password (or it can be the same one)!  The key is you need to reset it as passwords were not carried over from the old site. Be sure to update your password right away.

  2. Clear your browser's cache. It's possible that your internet browser remembers the old web address. However, that no longer exists! So take a moment to clear your cache, and then try connecting to actweb.org. If you aren't sure how to do that, several resources come up in a Google search.

  3. Explore your Member Compass. Click on your name in the upper righthand corner. This will bring you to your Member Compass. Here you can:
    • View, print, and pay any invoices
    • Manage the events and websites you have registered for
    • Update your profile information, including a photo 
    • Add councils to your profile
    • Add areas of interest to your profile
    • Note that we still need to change your chapter affiliation if you have moved, so be sure to email us for that.

  4. Replacing individuals on your membership. The billing contact of every member organization can add and remove individuals through their Member Compass. If you want to change the billing contact, let Elizabeth Denton know.
    • Also note that you can now add a non-member as the billing contact! If you need assistance with that, please contact Elizabeth.

Enjoy exploring the new website!