ImpACT 2023 Survey - Help Us Out!

Posted By: Julie Mazur General News,
The ImpACT! Leadership Class of 2023 is working on three distinct yet interrelated projects: Student Engagement, TDM Funding, and the Return of the Terry TDM. Several of these projects seek feedback from members as well as the public.
One team project is focused on the Return of the Terry TDM. This group will build upon work that was done by the 2022 ImpACT! Leadership group to determine the career path of the “average TDM practitioner,” aka Terry TDM.
The following survey was created to start collecting feedback. Some of the questions as for simple feedback, while others may require a bit more thought. 

About the survey:
The official definition of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is the act of creating a most efficient multimodal transportation system that moves people with the goal of reducing congestion, improving air quality, and stimulating economic activity. 
But as we know, TDM means different things to different people, and we all have different paths for how we entered the industry. We would therefore like to better understand how you got into the industry.
The results of this survey will be shared at the 37th Annual International Conference in Seattle. Any and all information collected will help ACT and the ImpACT participants provide more meaningful resources to those interested in the industry.
Thank you for sharing your experiences,
The ImpACT! Leadership Class of 2023