Introducing the new Carpool Council

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Connect with other professionals dedicated to advancing carpooling

ACT members can now join the newly formed Carpool Council, a  space to share ideas, firsthand experience, and insights. If you're looking to learn more about carpooling strategies and join a collaborative group of TDM professionals, this opportunity is perfect for you!  

Participating in ACT Councils allows you to immerse yourself in a key TDM topic area and connect with others in the industry with aligned interests. All members are able to join, and we encourage you to sign up in your Member Compass and stay tuned for more details about the next meeting. 

"The leadership team of Kim Comstock, Courtney Reynolds, and myself, with the many other ACT members who contributed to the founding of the Council, are eager to begin our activities," said Larry Filler, Carpool Council Chair. "This year, we hope to bring together essential resources and information about successful carpool programs, identify new ways to promote and raise awareness of carpooling, and create a meeting place where members can reach out for information and assistance in developing carpool programs. We’ll be scheduling our first meeting shortly for all ACT members to attend."

Council overview:
The Carpool Council will advance the use of carpooling for all trips by creating a collaborative space for ACT members to share ideas and experiences on promoting carpooling, develop new initiatives to promote carpooling, advocate for funding and policy changes that support carpooling, find ways through ACT and its membership to raise the awareness of carpooling as a key strategy to curtail transportation emissions and to provide the information and resources for its members to support carpooling activities.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Understand: Create an assessment of current carpool practices. 
  2. Enhance: Identify barriers and enablers for carpool adoption
  3. Advocate: Develop and deliver a carpool advocacy plan
Interested in getting involved? Visit your Member Compass and sign up for the Carpool Council today! 

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