Member spotlight: Tenille Warren

Member Spotlights,

Meet Tenille Warren, Senior Commuter Programs Outreach Specialist at Metro Transit Commuter Programs. Check out the spotlight below to learn about her current role, industry experience, and introduction to ACT. 

Please introduce yourself and your organization.
I started in TDM as a consultant for one of the major construction projects that was occurring at the time here in Minneapolis, MN. That naturally transformed into the position I hold today as a team leader in Commuter Programs at Metro Transit, Minnesota's primary transit provider in the Twin Cities region.

What brought you to TDM and how did you get involved in the field?
I didn't know what TDM even was. It was all new to me, but I was speaking to a friend who was telling me about the work she does in TDM, and I started researching it. Then I was hooked. I have always worked in "customer service" fields starting off in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. People have always been my main focus. So, when this opportunity came about to help people in a different way, I jumped in.

Why did you get involved in ACT?
It was a colleague that introduced ACT to me. She told me all the benefits of being a member and I am so grateful to her for that. I am able to learn more daily from people on a national level doing the same work as me.

What has been the most memorable moment of your experience in ACT?

Honestly it has been the connections. Being able to have discussions with others about what we do is so important. Being able to bounce ideas off of each other on things that have worked in other regions that I can bring back to try in our area is crucial. We serve a 7-county area with roughly 148 cities, some of which transit is not an option, so with the connections I have made through ACT I am able to talk to others who might be facing the same challenges.

What would you tell someone thinking about becoming a member of ACT?

I would definitely say it's a benefit. I would encourage them to do their own research of course and ask questions. The ACT community is very welcoming and is willing to help you understand more about all of it.

What do you see as future opportunities and/or challenges for TDM?

I will speak to the opportunities I see for TDM in my region. I see more collaboration with what is considered our underserved communities. I see us asking more questions and actively listening to their needs in order to build programs that serve all not just some. With that it brings the opportunities for more discussion within the ACT community of those who are already doing this work.