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ACT's TDM-CP credential is the industry's only professional certification program, and the association is proud to offer this opportunity to professionals in the field. As the industry continues to grow and change, ensuring that you are in the know about the latest trends and strategies is of the utmost importance. This credential aims to expand professional credibility, grow TDM knowledge, and recognize leaders in the field for their expertise.

If you are considering working toward the certification, you might be curious about what the process entails. Read about Jane Davaransky, TDM-CP’s firsthand experience below. 

Jane Davaransky, a Business Manager for Transportation Options, initially sought the TDM-CP credential after joining the team at Meta Platforms, Inc. Her former manager encouraged her to pursue the exam as the education and knowledge from the preparation process would equip her to succeed in her new role. She was excited to learn more about TDM, but was uncertain what to expect from the process. 

"After my first TDM-CP info session, I was intimidated by the material required to pass the exam," says Jane. “During this session, I had the pleasure of meeting Leigh Anderson, an active member of ACT. Leigh started the TDM-CP study group and invited me to join the group. Embracing this opportunity was one of the most rewarding decisions ever. I credit my success in the exam to the invaluable support and guidance provided by the study group and, especially, to Leigh's leadership during that period in the group."

As Jane notes, preparing for the TDM-CP exam can be a collaborative and community-building process. While you learn about new industry topics and strategies, you can develop your network and build lasting bonds with other professionals! 

ACT offers a study guide, exam preparation webinars, and other key preparation resources, but above all, Jane was grateful for the study group.

She says, "The meetings and study sessions organized by the group leaders played a pivotal role in reinforcing my comprehension of the material. Undoubtedly, peer collaborative learning emerged as my most effective study method. The dedication of all the participants in the virtual classroom was a constant source of inspiration."

Though we all bring our unique perspectives and expertise to the industry, having a well-rounded understanding of TDM is essential. Jane recounts that while studying, she enjoyed the opportunity to dive deeper into transportation engineering and signal phasing. The industry involves many sectors, and the exam preparation process exposes candidates to many of them. 

"Dedicating time to prepare for the TDM-CP exam allowed me to deepen my understanding of the profession. This experience facilitated meaningful connections with fellow industry professionals. It made me realize I possessed transportation knowledge from my day-to-day work and exposed areas of deficiency to focus on for my career development," says Jane. 

After earning her TDM-CP certification, Jane was inspired to continue her professional development by applying to the Mineta Transportation Institute's Transportation Management program at San Jose State. She is currently on track to obtain her graduate degree in 2024! 

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