Gearing up for the 2023 40 Under 40 Awards

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ACT's 40 Under 40 Awards will take place at the upcoming TDM Forum in Los Angeles, California. Each year, the association looks forward to highlighting rising leaders and innovators from sectors across the industry. Recipients represent those developing and supporting impactful TDM programs at the local, state, and national levels. 

As we approach this year's reception and ceremony, ACT is pleased to share reflections from previous winners. These leaders continue to lead the industry forward to address the mobility and transportation challenges in their communities and beyond! 

Hear from past winners about what this award means to them: 

2017 recipient Geoff England says"ACT’s 40 Under 40 Awards are a great way to recognize younger members who have contributed to the TDM industry. I felt honored when I received the award as it really solidified my role within the industry and allowed me to reflect on my own journey towards a career in TDM and behavior change. I also really enjoyed meeting the other recipients at the ACT TDM Forum and getting insight into other people’s work and experience."

2021 recipient Jacob Grieg says, "'ACT truly represents the TDM community, so being chosen by ACT in the 40 under 40 list felt very special. It is true recognition by your community, being selected made me feel incredibly valued and humbled. We all share a common mission and being part of the 40 under 40 made me feel part of this mission and its history."

2019 recipient Weiser Manzano says, "Having been a recipient of ACT's 40 Under 40 was and still is one of my top achievements in the TDM realm. Often times the type of work we do is in the shadows of the workplace--but ACT makes sure we get our shine when the time is right."

2022 recipient Jonathan Schuppert says, "I’m honored to be recognized as one of ACT’s 40 Under 40, along with so many amazing people who shape our industry and push the envelope in creativity and innovation. Each cohort represents current and future leaders who are committed to the mission of ACT and advancing the industry for the benefit of future generations."

2021 recipient Claudine Schneider says, "Receiving the ACT 40 Under 40 Award proved to me that my laser focus on developing and implementing effective Commuter Programs is where I need to be. TDM has many challenges, but it’s wonderful to work with and collaborate with several other TDM professionals within ACT to help bridge the gaps my programs desperately need. TDM is a positive solution to turn our climate challenges into opportunities that create resourceful benefits for all."

2017 recipient Peter Williamson, TDM-CP says, "Successfully nudging commuters away from driving alone is a slow process and often thankless job. ACT’s 40 Under 40 Awards recognizes our pioneering efforts to make a meaningful difference in our transportation system and world. The recognition from my employer and our industry are a great honor and may be leveraged for more meaningful change ahead."

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