Looking Ahead: 2023 Council Activities

Posted By: Jason McLeod General News,

Councils are planning new programming and resources for 2023. Councils serve as an important part of the information and resource arm of ACT and are a way for members to dive further into topics they’re passionate about.

Councils are planning to spark new conversations and action on a variety of TDM topics during their regularly scheduled meetings. Some of the highlights that ACT members have to look forward to include:

- A new survey from the Vanpool Council to collect facts and stats for vanpool marketing collateral.

- A case study from the Telework Council that will be released at the International Conference on telework in rural areas.

- A guest speaker series from the Higher Education Council featuring industry leaders on the topics of campus transit programs and new technologies.

Councils will utilize the information they gain from these activities to grow member participation (all members can join chapters by selecting them on their Member Compass) and to raise public awareness of TDM strategies through the release of marketing and promotional materials, especially during this year’s TDM Week, September 18-22. 

Each councils will host sessions and meetings at this year’s International Conference.  These provide a great opportunity for members to learn more about each council’s activities.

Councils will continue to have social events geared towards networking and building relationships for their members, like the Vanpool Council’s “Coffee Tawks” series, a series of informal morning meetings.

To learn more about ACT councils, click below. Get engaged in one or more councils by selecting them in your Member Compass profile.

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Higher Education

Technology & Innovation

Telework/ AWA