Recognizing Native American Heritage Month

All Aboard,

Written by ACT's DE&I Committee

November is Native American Heritage Month, a time when we recognize the history and ongoing contributions of people in our indigenous communities. 

Land Acknowledgments
As a way to help facilitate conversations and raise awareness about our history and how we can continue to advance and improve issues around equity, the DE&I Committee has prepared and delivered land acknowledgments at the International Conference and TDM Forum this year. 

Land acknowledgments are an initial step to creating a more inclusive future so the voices, lives, and histories of indigenous people are honored and not erased. This is an ongoing effort, so stay tuned for additional resources and opportunities.

The history of Native American Heritage Month
President George H. W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November 1990 as National American Indian Heritage Month, after decades of recognition at the local and state level, under various names and in different months. Today, November is recognized as Native American Heritage Month, following Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 9.

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