TDM-CP Study Guide Survey Goes Live

General News,

Dear ACT Members,

The ACT Certification Board of Trustees is creating a TDM-CP Study Guide to assist members with preparing to take the exam. 

Whether you're planning to take the exam soon, years from now, or have already achieved your TDM-CP certification, we want to hear from you. The results of your feedback will help inform the contents of the TDM-CP Exam Study Guide, a companion document to the ACT TDM-CP Handbook. The survey will specifically focus on Domain I subject matter. In addition to telling us about your job functions, you are asked to rate each subdomain below according to the degree to which you would like more or less emphasis in the Study Guide content. Additional questions ask about your expectations regarding the benefits of earning a TDM-CP certification.

The Guide will help test takers prepare with confidence and answer many of the questions that may arise from the existing material. The first installment of the Guide addresses the content of Domain I: Foundations of Transportation Demand Management.

Members who have already earned their TDM-CP certification will receive 5 TDM-CP credits

About the Survey:

  • The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.
  • Your name will be separated from the survey and will remain anonymous.
  • Results will be shared in an aggregated form only.
  • Survey will close on March 15th

Take the survey here: