General News,
I want to let our members and the broader TDM community know that ACT stand’s in support of equality and justice for all. As an industry, we look to expand transportation options for all users and we look to build a transportation system that serves every member of society no matter the color of their skin, their abilities, or their economic status. As TDM professionals, we cannot permit discrimination within our programs and services and in no way should we allow for discrimination to go unchecked in the world around us.

The unjust actions over the past few weeks have been heartbreaking. For our members who are suffering; we stand with you. As ACT’s Executive Director, I acknowledge that our organization’s own diversity may be lacking. We have made strides in recent years to diversify our leadership at all levels and bring in speakers and content to expand our viewpoints, but more must and will be done.

Within the strategic plan we adopted at the end of last year, we included the creation of a diversity and inclusion task force to lead efforts to understand and recommend opportunities and initiatives to ensure that ACT is an inclusive community for all TDM professionals. We will begin immediately to advance this initiative in response to our nation’s epidemic of racism and discrimination. I know that working together, we can make our industry, the country, and the world a better place.