About the Exam

The TDM-CP exam is offered in partnership with Prolydian, a leading virtual credential platform, with remote proctoring by Examity. This means you can schedule to take the exam from the comfort of your office, your home or another appropriately convenient remote location. A comprehensive Candidate Handbook has been developed to help prepare any interested candidates.

There are three steps to taking the TDM-CP exam:
  1. Submit your application and application fee to qualify to sit for the exam.

  2. Submit your security details, your exam fee, and schedule your exam day/time during this year’s exam window.

  3. Study, prepare your remote proctored technology and location, and take the exam!

To help you along your journey to TDM-CP, here are some FAQs to help guide you:
  • Am I eligible? Tenure, training and experience requisites can be found in the Candidate Handbook. The application process requires you to demonstrate that you meet requisite education and TDM work experience. You will be required to upload a resume and a letter of support from your supervisor or professional colleague.
  • Where and when will I take the test? You will schedule a date and time that is most convenient to you (reminder when scheduling: you have three hours to complete your exam). To best serve our diverse membership, the exam is administered via remote proctoring. That means you take the exam from your computer in the comfort of your home-office, your worksite office, or another appropriate space. You can find more on the remote/in-home test taking option in the handbook.
    • A special opportunity to sit in-person for the exam is offered during ACT's Annual International Conference!
  • How much does the exam cost? For ACT members, there is an $80 application fee and a $490 exam fee. More pricing details are found in the handbook.
  • What does the exam cover? If you are interested in this certification, then you already know TDM covers a broad spectrum of skillsets. A comprehensive jobs analysis of the industry has guided the development of the exam’s four key domains. Review the Candidate Handbook to best understand the exam domains and reference materials. You can review the exam content outline here.
  • Is it good for…forever? Your TDM-CP credential will expire after two years. To keep your credential, TDM-CP recipients must earn the required number of points detailed within the recertification section in the Candidate’s Handbook to maintain their credential for an additional two years.
  • What about _______? If you are seriously considering taking the exam, we know you may have a few more questions. Email us at certification@actweb.org.